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Today, in the era of ever increasing globalization, who of us have never been to Italy? Who has never been in Italy in Love? Or at least hasn’t dream of visiting ItalyBeautiful, Mysterious “Italia”! This amazing country has a plenty of allures, or love attractions, that make us sigh…

Yes! But now please stop for a moment!

What you’re probably thinking right now could be reassumed to: “ok, just another blog about Italy. Maybe useful, but….boring, boring, boring.” Well, not exactly.


How The Blog “In Italy in Love” Works

In order to explain better how this blog works, let’s state first what is beyond the objectives of this blog.

What The Blog “In Italy in Love” Is Not


the blog “In Italy in Love” is not a tourist guidebook. There are a lot of people who’ve done that before me. Take, for exampe, travel bestsellers or numerous websites about Italy. They are all full of high-quality photographs and accurate descriptions about Italian cities. Moreover, they provide travelers with all needed information on Italians museums one must visit. As well as on monuments, art, sculpture and paintings one must see. So why redo the job that’s already done?


the blog “In Italy in Love” is not an Italian fashion magazine. Again, there are a lot of people who do that already: from fashion channels to fashion glossy magazines and infinite web blogs. Yet, here and there, time after time, I may spell a word about Italian fashion tendencies or my favourite Italian designers. I’m a woman, after all!


in the very same way, the blog “In Italy in Love” is not a complete overview of Italian cuisine and wine. Today, there’s no need to do that as well. Still, time after time I will talk about Italian wine or food. Or mention some of Italian restaurants. Not in order to compete with TripAdvisor or other blogs. But in order to underline Italian general, as well as most recent tendencies, that are among the most alluring ones. All to convey the individual flavour of Italian life style.

Forth and last,

the blog “In Italy in Love” is not an attempt to be any kind of accademic research on cultural differences. Again, there are a a lot of studies on the subject. Yet, for how much these studies can result interesting and useful, they are barely read if not by other researchers of the field. First, due to strictly scientific language and terminology used, such works are hardly popular among common people. Second, most studies on cultural differences are often published only in scientific magazines. So, no wonder that ordinary people, like you and me, are hardly aware of the existance of such works. It’s a real pity, given the interest they might have arisen among travellers and businessmen. From all over the world.

Summarizing the concept of  the blog “In Italy in Love”…

In other words, I’m not going to pour on you every single detail describing the allures of Italy, or Italian love attractions, even if they all are so worth to.

Don’t get me wrong! Personally, I’m deeply in love with Italy. Yet, I refuse to list easily obtainable information like “vacations must take”, “cities must visit”, “dishes must taste”, or “where to shop?” There are a lot of people who’ve done that before me and continue doing their great job on everyday basis. Information exposed on most of such sites is objective, up-to-date and extremely correct from every point of view.

However, in my opinion, a bare description, even if exhaustive, often lacks a personal, and hence charismatic element. The element, which  is crucial to every narration in order to make the reading addictive. Especially in today’s standardized, stamped and simplified world.

What The Blog “In Italy in Love” Is About

This is the moment where I would like to clarify that I write the blog “In Italy in Love” to picture Italy just as it is. Purely and entirely from my personal standpoint. Not as a tourist or a shopping guide, nor as a sommilier or food critic, neither as an academic researcher or some-Made-in-Italy-stuff advertiser. In an entertaining way and easily comprehensible language to all normal people.

Tired of conventional Baedekers, I want to give you a fresh and independent insight on living in Italy today. In other words, the blog “In Italy in Love” represents an independent cultural research, or, a “sincere spiritual investigation”. Among the aims of this spiritual investigation is to explore how the world’s famous Italian style is connected with actual Italian way to be. Starting with what’s fluctuating on the surface, step by step, or post by post, this blog is going to dig up and reveal the core meaning of Italian attitudes, Italian contradictory believes, behaviours and emotions. 

In order to conduct my “spiritual investigation”, within the posts of this blog I will report only true stories of being “In Italy In Love”  based on direct experience and real events. Here I would also like to specify, that I’ve decided to change the names of my friends and all other persons whose stories, interview and opinions will appear on the posts of this blog, in order to protect their privacy. This is also a way I say thanks to all them once again.

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Keep reading and you will learn more about being in Italy in Love….


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