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Love and Thanks

Acknowledgements as The Exact Place Where I Want to Start…

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” – Brian Tracy

“Humility is the acknowledgement that without God you wouldn’t have made it thus far.”
Gugu Mona

Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.” –  Albert Schweitzer

“Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein



Acknowledgements to My Blogging Super-Heroes

Whilist working on this project I had many questions about “How to Create a Blog Site?” Not to mention, “How to Make This Blog Work?”

Therefore, my first thanks go to my friend Yuri Grassi, who let me know the amazing person and my talanted graphic and Web designer, Silvio Scripelliti. I don’t believe in telepathy. However, Silvio has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to read my mind and bring to life my visions in an extremely exact way. I am incredibely lucky to be supported by such a crack team of blogging super-heroes who helped me to enable this project.

Moreover, my special thanks go to Ricardo from whose help is always immediate and efficient. Seriously, not only as a Web-site-first-aid but also essential for blog’s happily-ever-after existance.


Heartfelt Acknowledgement to My Friends and Italian People

Heartfelt thanks to all of my Italian friends!!! First, for patience to painstakingly answer all my questions. Second, for describing and explaining to me every slightest shade of Italian mentality and regional differences. Third, for introducing me to new interesting people and enabling me to make new acquaintances.

Warm thanks to those of my dear friends who constantly provide my with details on their love life. As well as with their thoughts on various love situations from their personal standpoint.

Massive thanks to all the people who I know not that well yet, but who shared with me their life experience, explained me the “Italian love, style and life” concept.

Greateful thanks to all Italian people who have participated in my surveys. And also, agreed to be somewhat life-time available for all kinds of my intrusive questions and interviews. Needless to say, their collaboration is essential for my spiritual investigation.

In this special occasion I would also like to specify that I won’t reveal the true names of the persons whose stories and opinions are mentioned on the posts of the present blog. In order to protect their privacy.


Acknowledgements to Brilliant Minds

Sincere thanks to all of my Universities’ professors. Hence those brilliant minds taught me how to see things, compare them, think about them from different points of view. They taught me to observe and analyse the surrounding reality.

Personal thanks to Franca Poppi and Alberto Gozzi, who have contributed enormously to my accurate and sophisticated understanding of Italian mentality. Moreover, they have helped me to assimilate the Italian world vision or Italian “world map”  just as it is.

Special thanks to my Italian language teacher, Cecilia Robustelli, who has literally overloaded me with in-depth, presice and up-to-day information regarding the usage of the modern Italian language. Ever since I’ve been addicted and curious about its tricky and trandy expressions.


Love and Thanks to My Family

As ever, love and thanks to my parents and my grandmother, who made me just as I am. To my daughter and my life partner, whose love is essential for me. As well as to my brother and my sister-in-law, my aunt and my God father, who fervently support me and keep me sane along the way. Love you guys!


Acknowledgements to My Readers and Critics

I am extremely grateful to all of you who are reading, sharing and enjoying the posts of this blog. As well as, to all my followers on social networks.

Additional thanks to those of you who leave comments, inquire and, especially, share their stories or experience!

Extra thanks to all of you who make specific requests and contribute ideas on how to improve this blog and make it much more entertaining!

Thanks to All of You!

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