New 2017 Year as New Start of Life Diary

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“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Happy 2017  New Year!

As we all know, New Year is celebrated on the 1st of January all over the world. Every Year! And Italy, with its innate life cult and love to all kinds festivites, is of no exception. The traditions of celebrating the New Year, with its variety of styles and people’s wishes, differ from culture to culture, nation to nation, country to country. Yet, the very celebrating of New Year has become an important trend of modern culture worldwide. The extent of joy on New Year’s Day has gain thus a global character, followed by no less global and unifying sense of strength and gracefulness.

New Year’s Day Significance

New Year as a symbol of a new start or a synonym of hope

January 1, around the world, as well as in Italy, represents a start of a New Year. But it’s not the “year” itself that actually matters. New Year’s Day is long percieved as a symbol, a synonym, of a fresh and brand new start. A new start we all urgently need to have time after time. Or better, a new opportunity and chance for all of us to finally get it right.

Deep inside people do percieve brand new starts as more auspicious then previous ones. We think of them as of more encouraging, more promissing and definitely better ones. It is called hope.

New Year as an opportunity to make new mistakes

New year represents to most of the people also the new opportunity to make new mistakes. You see, mistakes are precious part of our lives. When we are making new projects, trying new things, have new ideas and try to liven them into life, we inevitably make mistakes. Making new mistakes is hence learning, living, pushing and exploring ourselves. And more importantly, changing our world. People are making new mistakes when they are doing things they’ve never done before. Might sound pathetic, but we are doing mistakes because we are alive. Sadly, we can’t afford take that for granted…..especially in today’s crazy and terrorist conataminated world, where human lives have become ever fragile…

New Year as a new chapter in life diary

To most of us New Year represents a new chapter in life diary waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and resolved. A new life adventure where new answers are to be discovered and new experiences are to be lived. We excpect New 2017 Year to be the transformative year of delight and self-discovery. So, pen in hand: only dreams give birth to change! And it’s the anticipation of changes to come what we are celebrating! In Italy, and around the world!

Why don’t they understand that it’s not politics, religions, ideologies, common enemies or money currency to unify nations? But the pure magic inside our hearts. Don’t you see, that New Year that symbolizes new start and new possibility for dreams come true, is the favourite festivity among people all over the world? Maybe adults and most of the kids nowadays don’t believe in Babbo Natale (or Santa Claus) anymore. Maybe religious differences have brought most of us to not believe in church and saints anymore… Yet, we all believe in new start, new beginning, new chance and new opportunity. And till we’ll have dreams and hopes, New Year Day will remain the most favourite holiday. Here, In Italy. And globally. Admit it or not.


New Year’s Day is as well the day dedicated to remembrance of various events that took place in the course of the last year. These remembrances, whether positive or negative, appear on radio, television, and in newspapers, in Italy and all over countries around the world. I will not spell a word on them, since there are already a lot of people who do publications and reports of different nature that include year-end statements and review the changes occured during 2016. And they do a great job, highlighting the most important events, their reasons and consequences.

Sadly, 2016 has been rather a difficult year both for singular individuals and whole nations, marked but numerous well-known tragical events occured on the global scale. A minute of silence for all the victims and most sincere condolences for their relatives and friends. The pain that will never pass, and the records that will never vanish. Yet, most feel a relief that this leap-year is finally over. Together with the hope that 2017 will be much better. I do hope!

Personally, I find the remembrances are like the huge humanity mirror. They somewhat remind us, that passed year’s end is neither a definite end nor a pure start but a continuous going on, with all the wisdom that experience have instilled in us. We have learned from mistakes, we have made expereinces. And open-heartedly we all are looking for changes. What do we wish to change? 

Resolutions for 2017

On New Year generally people make new resolutions toward their future and goals toachieve. Because New Year is a new start of life. Or better, a new chapter in everyone’s life diary. New resolutions are important since they bring hope, positive thinking and much more…as the dreams come true. Remember “Bridget Jones’e Diary”? Well, that’s the point. The story starts from the heroine’s attempt to make resolutions for year to come. And she kind of manages to change her life.

What Italian resolutions for 2017 are?

Well, according to my interviewees some of 2017 resolutions sound like this:

  • “Earn more money or pay less taxes“. Even billionaires are always looking for new ways to earn more money. As for common Italian people it has become a popular trend to use an additional source of income to make their life a bit more comfortable. Another solution could be to pay less taxes, which are literally killing Italian self-confidence as well as the list of things Italians can afford. But, my guess is, this last one (paying less taxes) is more an Italian dream than a resolution for 2017.
  •  “Find love and a life partner”. People do need someone to care about, to hold at night, talk to and share their deepest secrets with… Yet, finding love is not always finding the right person, and is rather a matter of trial and error. So, my guess is in 2017 we will explore together some Italian tips on meeting people, asking someone out, having original and amazing first dates!
  •  “Have better sex”. Sex is an important part of Italian society. Or any human society. Since any healthy relationship requires a good deal of intimacy, and sex actually helps us to keep our mental and sexual health. Yet, what do Italian mean with “better sex”? In 2017 we’ll talk about it.
  • “Spend more time with family and people that matter”. In this hectic and money-about-world there is just too little time left to spend with people who are dear to us. Most Italians say that in 2017 they would love to and actually should focus more on the people who they care about, hence it is the best way to feel happy.
  • “Travel more and see the world”. Experiencing different cultures and visiting far away countries is defenitely  one of the most exciting things one can do in this life!
Personal 2017 resolutions

As for me… Well, my personal 2017 Year resolution is simply to find out who I am. So, wish me luck!

Happy 2017 Year!!! XoXo

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