Pagani and The Future of Italian Automotive Art

Pagani, Пагани

“A timeless interpretation of the automotive art” – Horacio Pagani

Pagani Brand

huayra paganiPagani Automobili is the most luxurios and the most expensive automotive brand of Italy and, probably, of the entire world.

PaganiTrue, Pagani supercars all ride on four tires and are operated in the usual manner… Yet, they are not “cars” in the strictest sense but rather rolling masterpieces of fine automotive art that push the limits of automobiles performance. Pagani automobliles are thus true supercars with price range twice exceeds the sacrosanct 1 million euros. So, the low-slung Pagani Huayra BC price at Pagani boutique is around 2.4 million euros.

No wonder, that due to the extreme exclusivity of the brand, Pagani name may still sound unfamiliar to some people. Indeed, Pagani supercars are among the rarest rides on the road worldwide and only a handful of humans will ever get the chance to actually see any Pagani supercars in person (let alone drive one), if only…you are not living in San Cesario sul Panaro.

Pagani New Establishement

Founded in 1992 by Horacio Pagani, the company is located in San Cesario sul Panaro, near Modena. Recently, the legendary manufacturer of supercars and carbon fiber has decided to establish a new plant in order to increase production capacity to 300 units per year: compared to 100 units produced annualy until now. So, in November 2016, Pagani Automoboli SPA has inaugurated the new plant. It is located in Via dell’Industria 26 – San Cesario sul Panaro – just a few hundred meters from the historic factory (Via dell’Artigianato, 5 – Vill. La Graziosa – San Cesario sul Panaro).

The new Pagani establishement occupies an overall area of 8,000 square meters and is carefully designed to accommodate all business activities, including the museum. Old is gold, hence the old plant is now working as research and development department.

Yet, the new Pagani factory and the commitment to increase production units are not the only recent news. There is more: a timeless projection towards the future.

Pagani Factory Tour for San Cesario Kids
Pagani facrory tour for kids

For the first time in the history of the company, Pagani Automobili invited the kids from the 5th grades of “G. Verdi” elementary school of San Cesario sul Panaro to take a guided factory tour.  The event took place on the 21 of March 2017 and, of course, was completely free of charge.

Today, even if few days have passed already, the kids’ enthusiasm of how much they have been able to learn about Pagani supercars is ever increasing. And trust me, I can’t help myself to share it totally. Since my ten-year-old daughter is one of the kids who have participated on tour. Besides, it was her who has taken all these photos!

Needless to say, that the first in history Pagani tour for kids of “G. Verdi” elementary school  resulted to be extremely interesting, formative, exciting and thus highly motivating.

Today, San Cesario’s children shared dream is to become highly creative. So that one day they could contribute to “timeless interpretation of the automotive art” too.  True, inspiration is all we need to design our future. And these are not just words, but the fact proven by Horacio Pagani’s life experience.


What Did Kids Learn?

 Museum of Supercars

Pagani museum

Pagani history supercarsFirst of all, San Cesario offsprings were able to visit Pagani showroom, an area dedicated to some of the masterpieces of Horacio Pagani.

Within the structure of the Pagani museum, young visitors could trace the history of the brand right from the early models that were designed in Argentina. Kids could take pictures of supercars and ask whatever questions were crossing their young minds.

Moreover, the tour guide told to San Cesario children some details about Sig. Pagani’s childhood. Appears like Pagani’s founder had grown up in a very poor family. Yet, since from the early childhood, Horacio Pagani had always had a passion for sports cars design and modelling. Guided by his inner inspiration, he had been constructing the car models froom wood logs. Possesing an extraordinarly talent, he had been extremely great at it. Furthermore, young Horacio Pagani had been a dreamer. So, he had followed his dream pushing it to limits and making his boyhood dream come true.

pagani model


Holy of Holies: The Factory

pagani tyresThe next space the kids from elementary school “G. Verdi” were invited to visit was the factory itself. Withholding their breath, they steped up to the holy of holies. Here, they were no longer allowed to take pictures, for understandable reasons. Of course, kids didn’t mind. The attention of young visitors was mainly captured by craftsmanship producing a highest level technology. Finally, they could realise where the exorbitant prices of Pagani supercars come from. Curious but fact, they don’t find Pagani prices outrageous anymore. On the contrary, San Cesario kids have learned to appreciate the value of exquisite craftsmanship.

A part from enchanting notions of supercars creation process, the kids actually loved the production area since it reminded them of an “Italian piazza” (Italian square), with its street lamps and wall clock strucking every hour. Each supercar under construction has its own spare space, where two or three employees are working on vehicle’s construction manualy. Inside the factory there are no doors, while each space is separated from another only by archway. This creates an open space, which is pleasant to see and to work in. In addition, regardless the role within the company each employee refers to another by name only. What to say, the atmosphere at Pagani factory is casual and friendly.


At The End of The Tour

Pagani Factory Tour for KidsThe second floor of new Pagani plant is the area dedicated to the studypagani supercar of composite materials- For safety reasons, young visitors were not given the possibility to see a hyper environment with automatic control system of humidity and air temperature. Yet, Pagani tour guide explained kids about the composite materials usage in supercars. So, the offsprings of San Cesario could finally get a general picture of what allows Pagani cars to have their outstanding performance. Really useful notions for those promptly growing up curious minds. Especially because since their birth these kids are spoilt to see variations of Huayra and Zonda, these Pagani masterpieces, time after time rolling on the roads of San Cesario!


Italian Style and The Future of The Automotive Art

Pagani supercars









Not all kids knew that Horacio Pagani has Argentinian origin. Yet, all of them noticed that the museum as well as of the whole establishement style is clearly of Italian inspiration. The factory project was managed by Pagani sons, Leonardo and Christopher.

My guess is that the Italian style of factory design is not a random nor an obvious choice. But a precise idea and a core strategy carefully supported by Horacio Pagani, in order to to emphasize the Italian spirit of Pagani vehicles. The spirit that all San Cesario offsprings share and will bring to the future.

Pagani supercar

pagani zonda

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Heartfelt thanks to Sig. Pagani for the factory tour offered to San Cesario kids!



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